As a convenience, I have gathered together all of my links to external sites. The links are arranged by power of ten, from the small end to the large. I have further grouped the sites by the field of science that seems most appropriate. Enjoy!

Particle physics (10-16 to 10-11 meters)

Chemistry (10-10 to 10-7 m)

Microbiology (10-6 to 10-3 m)

Biology (10-2 to 103 m)


Geology (104 to 107 m)

Planetary exploration (108 to 1016 m)

Astronomy (1017 to 1023 m)

Cosmology (1024 to 1025 m)

Other Sites Dealing with the Concept of Powers of Ten

  • The entire essay "Cosmic View" by Kees Boeke written in 1957. There is another copy at
  • The Microscopy at FSU site contains a Java movie. Check this out. The focus of this sequence is Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Mitchell Charity has a wonderful site devoted to astronomy and science in general. "A View from the Back of an Envelope" has been around for a long time -- an excellent resource. "How Big are Things?" uses a unique approach to the powers of ten concept. Go there and browse.
  • Richard Powell's "An Atlas of the Universe" starts with the Sun's local neighborhood, accurately and artfully displaying our place in the Universe in 9 progressively larger views. Go here, too.

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